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Women in Communications Records - 1953-1994

  • HMA0169
  • Collection
  • 1953-1994

The records document the activities of the Greater Miami Chapter of Women in Communications, Inc., a national professional society for women in journalism and communications.

Records include newsletters, clippings, membership directories, committee listings, guest books, bylaws, and photographs. Scrapbooks compiled from 1953 to 1992 include clippings on Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Marie Anderson, Helen Muir, Molly Turner and other prominent local members.

Women in Communications

United Teachers of Dade scrapbooks - 1959-1974

  • HMA0149
  • Collection
  • 1959-1974

Scrapbooks contais newspaper clippings from Dade County Teacher and from local newspapers, photographic prints, and association bulletins pertaining to events affecting schools and education in the years that witnessed the teachers' walkout during Governor Kirk's term of office, and the impact of the Cuban exodus on the school system.

United Teachers of Dade

The Miami Beach's legendary boxing 5th Street Gym and Dundee Brothers Collection - 1960-2016

  • HMA0090
  • Collection
  • 1960-2016 (predominant: 1960-1990)

Scrapbook and binder compiled by Dwaine Simpson. The scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, ephemera and some photographs chronicling the lives of the Dundee brothers, boxers, trainers, and other personalities associated with the Fifth Street Gym. While the bulk of the items pertain to Muhammad Ali, the careers of boxers such as Cuban American Kid Gavilan are also recorded. Also includes newspaper clippings from national newsapers celebrating the life of Muhammad Ali after his death in June 2016

Binder containing mostly photographs of the boxers, including Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Willie Pastrano, Kid Gavilan and Roberto Duran. Others in the boxing fraternity include the Dundee brothers, Don King, Dr. Ferdie Pacheo and other gym personnel. Images of celebrities who attended "fight nights" include Art Carney, Don Johnson, Sean Connery & Ernest Borgnine, who appeared as Angelo Dundee in the Muhammad Ali biopic "The Greatest".

Simpson, Dwaine

Robert Taylor Scrapbooks - 1936-1943

  • HMA0070
  • Collection
  • 1936-1943

Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings compiled for Robert R. Taylor, Dade County Solicitor, documents crimes that were investigated and cases that were prosecuted during his tenure. Editorials from the local newspapers also weigh in on issues that affected the community.  Many involved gambling and racketeering, the presence and activities of mobsters and other unsavory characters, voter fraud, prostitution, white slavery and other criminal activity. Also included is a selection from the Miami Herald series "the Good old days," which chronicled people, places and events in Dade County.

Notations in the smaller scrapbooks indicates that they were complied by Charles Harris Royer for Robert R. Taylor.

Miami Garden Club records - 1926-1988

  • HMA0224
  • Collection
  • 1926-1988

Materials pertain to the history and activities of the Miami Garden Club. Includes information on the club's drive for the preservation of Simpson Park from development and the encroachment of the north - south expressway (I-95), 1937-1988.

Minutes, correspondence and reports pertain to the administration and civic activities of the Miami Garden Club. Photographic prints documenting the beautification projects are attached to the reports, 1926-1974.

Miami Garden Club

Miami Conservatory of Music scrapbooks - 1921-1955

  • HMA0088
  • Collection
  • 1921-1955

Concert programs, newsclippings, correspondence, magazine articles, cartoons, photographic prints, and newsletters trace the activities of the Miami Conservatory from its beginning in 1921 until the mid-1950s. Material also covers a wide range of musical events, organizations and individuals in South Florida for those years. There is also much information on the early years of the University of Miami, on the Aeolian Chorus (women's voices), and on the Musicians Club of America, which aimed to provide retirement facilities for musicians

Miami Conservatory of Music (Miami, Fla.)

Miami and Coral Gables development scrapbook - 1925-1926

  • 08/
  • Collection
  • 1925-1926

Newspaper clippings and notes pertain to real estate and banking matters at the height of the Florida land boom. Collection also includes letters of recommendation for M.L. Sumner

Sumner, M. L

Lewis B. Whitworth Papers - 1950s-1980s

  • HMA0390
  • Collection
  • 1950s-1980s

Scrapbooks and folders contain newspaper clippings, correspondence, campaign materials and photographic prints pertaining to Whitworth's involvement in public life and his social activities. Some government publications and newsletters from various county and state organizations are also included.


Biographical Note: Miami-Dade County as a Hialeah Councilman, Dade County Commissioner, State Representative in the Florida House of Representatives and elected circuit court judge. As commissioner, Whitworth secured federal funds to reimburse the county for medical aid given to Cuban refugees at Jackson Memorial Hospital. During his term as State Representative he was instrumental in the successful efforts to reform the state's judicial system and in the 1971 session, he sponsored, among others, two major bills that were signed into law. One was the marijuana felony-misdemeanor bill and the other, the nonpartisan election of judges bill

Whitworth, Lewis B

John McDermott's Political Scrapbook Collection - 1940s-1990s

  • HMA0372
  • Collection
  • 1940s-1990s

Containing press passes, newspaper clippings, and photographs of personalities and news events that McDermott covered during his career. Includes the Harry Oakes murder trial in Nassau (Bahamas), Clark Gable on Miami Beach during World War II, and Presidents Kennedy and Nixon.

McDermott, John, 1917-2003

Jack Kassewitz papers - 1957-1984

  • HMA0190
  • Collection
  • 1957-1984

Include papers, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings, ephemera and photographs of his career and activities.

Frohock family papers - 1890s-1990s

  • HMA0244
  • Collection
  • 1890s-1990s

Personal papers and business records of the Frohock family. The bulk of the materials pertains to John Frohock and highlights his tenure as Dade County Sheriff and his pursuits in commercial agriculture and real estate. Also included are materials pertaining to his son, John Moran Frohock and his wife, Leone Frohock, who compiled a scrapbook complete with commentary on the social scene and daily events in Miami.

Fannie Clemons Diary and Scrapbooks - 1909-1920s

  • HMA0074
  • Collection
  • 1909-1920s

Diary is a lively and detailed account of a young girl's family and social life in early Miami. Scrapbooks are unarranged: one holds pictures clipped from magazines and some photographic prints; the other has loose material including poetry by Fannie Clemons and typed transcripts of letters with genealogical information on the Buswell and related families.

Clemons, Fannie, 1891-1977

Elizabeth Virrick Papers - 1948-1994

  • HMA0077
  • Collection
  • 1948-1994 (predominant: 1948-1968)

The papers consist of correspondence, memos, reports, photographic prints, magazines and newspaper clippings, and relate primarily to Mrs. Virrick's extensive involvement in housing and urban issues in Coconut Grove and Miami-Dade County, and of her interest on a national level. Includes material on the founding and evolution of the Coconut Grove Citizens for Slum Clearance and the Citizens Advisory Committee and other boards on which she served.

Mrs. Virrick corresponded extensively with government officials and other influential people. Correspondents include Marjory Stoneman Douglas, Claude Pepper, Lawton Chiles, Rubin Askew, Dante Fascell, and Maurice Ferre.

The magazines and newspaper clippings were originally interfiled with the papers, but have been boxed separately for conservation purposes.

In 2015, Dr. Raymond Mohl donated an additional 14 boxes of documents to the collection.  The bulk of the documents are part of Elizabeth Virrick’s original papers and cover the same topics and years as the original donation. The rest are copies of newspaper clippings and articles from the same time period that Dr. Mohl added and annotated.  Dr. Raymond Mohl, a leading urban historian, was given access to the papers by Mrs. Virrick for his research on housing for African Americans in postwar Miami. This research was the basis for several articles and books on civil rights, housing and race relations in Miami, including, Elizabeth Virrick and the "concrete monsters”: housing reform in postwar Miami (Tequesta, no. 61, 2001).

The 2015 accural is housed in boxes 15 to 29. Box 29 holds materials that Dr. Mohl continued to collect up to 2001. It includes several drafts of Elizabeth Virrick and the "concrete monsters" : housing reform in postwar Miami for various publications, newspaper clippings on housing issues, a student paper on Virrick, notes, correspondence and annotated articles.

Virrick, Elizabeth, 1897-1990

Earl Hoag scrapbooks - 1902-1941

  • HMA0165
  • Collection
  • 1902-1941 (predominant: (bulk 1917-1938))

Clippings, correspondence, brochures, typescripts, invitations and other memorabilia trace the career of Lieutenant Colonel Earl Hoag and with it much early history of American aviation. Includes Miami High School student yearbook (Miahi 1914); a wealth of aviation clippings for 1917-1921; with much information on the 1919 transcontinental air race during which 10 out of 39 pilots were killed.

Hoag, Earl S., 1895-1968

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