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E. G. Sewell photograph collection - 1896-

  • 1963-032
  • Collection
  • 1896-

Mainly albumen prints mounted on cardboard and shot by various photographers. The scenes depict streets, buildings, and the like in the City of Miami, from its founding in 1896 through its first few decades.

Sewell, Everest George, 1874-1940

Pioneer Voices - 1969-1972

  • 1973-016
  • Collection
  • 1969-1972

Reminiscences, mainly of 1896-1926, of pioneer life, the 1920s boom, and the 1926 hurricane. Junior League members and journalist Nixon Smiley interviewed people who lived in Dade County prior to the 1926 hurricane.

Narrators are: Adam G. Adams, Maude Richards Black, Jewel H. Blanton, Janet Watson Carson, Patty Munroe Catlow, C.W. Pete Chase, Charles Franklin Cushman, Dorothy Dean Davidson, James Donn, Hoyt Fraser, John J. Fritz and Carolina Fritz Collins, S.M. Greene, Mrs. Maurice R. Harrison, Frederick M. Hudson, J. Newton Lummus, Alice MacVicar, John Pickett Miles, Stanley Mott, Louisa Oxar, Russell Pancoast, Mrs. C. Boyton Reese, Jack Sewell, Henry Overstreet Shaw, William and Jane Sutcliffe, Cecil Van Landingham, Peter Van Vox, Mrs. Sidney Weintraub, Jessie Weiss, Rose Weiss, and Helen Budge Wright.

Interviewers include Arva Moore Parks and Nixon Smiley.

Junior League of Miami

Casa Casuarina and Hubbell family scrapbook - 1928-1949

  • 1979-213
  • Collection
  • 1928-1949

Photographic prints and newspaper clippings document the construction of Casa Casuarina Apartments, 1116 Ocean Drive, in 1930. Its general contractor was Willard Hubbell, and this scrapbook is also a Hubbell family album. There are many prints of his daughter Rosemary's childhood; material on his father, Henry Salem Hubbell, well-known portrait painter; clippings on Willard Hubbell's fruit and vegetable farming under cloth greenhouses, and a 1946 brochure of the Riddle Inter-American Institute, when he was its Dean. Photoprint backgrounds include a variety of Miami Beach and Coconut Grove houses, including David Fairchild's Kampong, Marjory Stoneman Douglas' home and Ye Little Wood.

Hubbell family

South Florida Folklife Collection - 1985-2014

  • 1985251
  • Collection
  • 1985-2014

About Folklife

Folklife is traditional knowledge that is passed from person to person. This intimate type of learning takes place outside of formal institutions as a result of participation in folk groups such as families, ethnic, religious, regional, or occupational groups. Folklife is the manifestation of traditional knowledge and includes such diverse categories as belief, custom, art, craft, music, foodways, dance, drama, play, occupational or technical skill, architecture, and oral literature. South Florida folklife consists of the entire, complex body of traditions practiced by its residents, irrespective of whether they have lived here for months or decades.

About the South Florida Folklife Center

The South Florida Folklife Center’s folklife fieldwork projects and related efforts produce audio and video recordings, images, field notes, and associated materials. These items have been made available to the public at HistoryMiami's Archives and Research Center. The Center also collects three-dimensional folklife objects, which are added to HistoryMiami's collection of museum artifacts.

Since its founding The South Florida Folklife Center has produced exhibitions, educational programs, festivals, concerts, web content, publications, and other events and materials. Through these undertakings, the Center strives to educate the public about the region's diverse peoples, cultures, and traditions. In an effort to encourage the continuity of the area's folk culture, the South Florida Folklife Center also provides support services to local traditional artists and cultural organizations.  Materials from these various activities are included in the folklife collection.

Items within the collection date from 1985 to the present and future additions to the collection are expected.


Plants and places of horticultural interest in South Florida - 1917-1958

  • 1986-047
  • Collection
  • 1917-1958 (predominant: 1948-1958)

This is Series 2 of the Miami Herald Photograph Collection (HMA0016). Black-and-white, 4x5 inch negatives mainly relating to South Florida plants and gardening. Lesser topics include natural places; agriculture; travel in the Bahamas and Latin America; and southeast Florida history.

Smiley, Nixon, 1911-1990

School report cards and memorabilia - 1937-1947

  • 1986-068
  • Collection
  • 1937-1947

Most of this collection pertains to Miami Edison Senior High School. Other schools include Highland Park and Shadowlawn Elementary schools, and Robert E. Lee Junior High

Baker, George G

Herstory Records - 1974-1981

  • 1987-079
  • Collection
  • 1974-1981

Organizational records, including reports, correspondence, bylaws, financial statements, and minutes of Herstory of Florida. Biographical research for the books Julia's Daughters and Beyond Julia's Daughters on women's history of South Florida.

Herstory Committee

Miami News memorabilia - ca. 1980-1988

  • 1989-358
  • Collection
  • ca. 1980-1988

Photographs and newspapers from the final edition of The Miami News, and placards from the paper's promotional campaigns

Miami News

United Way of Dade County presidents and campaign chairmen photographs - 1959-1978

  • 1990083
  • Collection
  • 1959-1978

Portraits of businessmen at the time they held office. Includes Harry Hood Bassett (First National Bank of Miami), Alvah H. Chapman Jr. (Miami Herald), Edward G. Grafton (architect), John H. Halliburton (Eastern Airlines), J. I. Kislak (J. I. Kislak Mortgage Corp. of Florida), James W. McLamore (Burger King), etc.

United Way of Dade County

Southeast Florida photographs - 1894-1904

  • 2000-511
  • Collection
  • 1894-1904

Views of natural areas at Key Largo, Biscayne Canal, Linton, Stranahan Camp (Ft. Lauderdale), Alligator Creek (near Punta Gorda), Miami, Cutler, Key West, Coconut Grove, and Everglades. Includes natural areas, reclamation of land, and Tropical Laboratory (possibly the Dade County Agricultural Experiment Station).

Up to four photographs are mounted on heavy album paper. Beneath each photograph the photographers attached a photo number and caption, which are listed in the container list.

Webber, Herbert John, 1865-1946

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