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Real Estate Business Ephemera Collection

  • HMA0010
  • Collection

The Real Estate Ephemera Collection gathers ephemera and news clippings that document events, places, people and issues related to real estate in South Florida and the Caribbean. Files include  broadsides, brochures, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, tickets and other printed promotional pieces for developments and land sales in Dade County during the 1920s real estate boom.

Music Ephemera Collection

  • HMA0011
  • Collection

The Music Ephemera Collection gathers ephemera and news clippings that document events, places, people and issues related to music in South Florida. Files include brochures, pamphlets, newspaper clippings and related materials.

Florida Ephemera Collection

  • HMA0012
  • Collection

The collection gathers ephemera that documents events, places, people and topical issues related to the area outside of the South Florida region.

For South Florida cities and regions, see the South Florida and Caribbean Ephemera Collection.

Postcard Collection

  • HMA0013
  • Collection

This collection gathers postcards from south Florida and the Caribbean.

South Florida Photograph Collection - 1870-2022

  • HMA0014
  • Collection
  • 1870-2017

An artificial collection of photographic prints relating to the history of the Miami region and South Florida, collected by the archives from numerous sources from 1940 to the present.

Geographic headings include the Bahamas, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, Cuba, Miami-Dade County, the Everglades region, Florida Keys, Hialeah, Key West, Miami, Miami Beach, etc.

Topical headings include agriculture (comptie starch, sugar, etc.), businesses and organizations (Burdines, etc.), ethnic groups (African Americans, Cubans, Haitians, Jews, Seminoles, etc.), hurricanes, sports (baseball, football, fishing, horse racing, j'ai alai, polo, sailing, etc.), transportation (aviation, automobiles, bridges, causeways, railroads, ships and boats, Tamiami Trail, etc.), tourism (attractions, alligators, etc.), and wars (Seminole, Spanish-American, world wars, etc.).

Biographical files include Brickell family, John C. Gifford (botanist), Carl Fisher (developer and entrepreneur), Oliver Griswold, James Franklin Jaudon (developer), George Merrick (developer), Arva Moore Parks (collector and historian), Thelma Peters (collector and historian), Everest and John Sewell (mayors and businessmen), Julia Tuttle, Karl Voelter (aviator), and Hamilton Wright (publicity photographer).

Miami News Photograph Collection - 1896-1988

  • HMA0015
  • Collection
  • 1896-1988 (predominant: 1940-1988)

The Miami News photographs document events, places, and people in Dade County and, to a less extent, Monroe County, Broward County, Cuba, the Bahamas, and the West Indies. Images that record the corporate history of the Miami News are also included.

Miami News

Miami Herald Collection - circa 1896-2003

  • HMA0016
  • Collection
  • circa 1896-2003 (predominant: 1965-2003)

Photographs mainly of Miami-Dade County people, places and events. The vast majority of the images are negatives without corresponding photographic prints or digital images. The photographs were shot or collected by Miami Herald journalists and photojournalists.

Hoit, Richard B., 1887-1973

Tim Chapman Collection - 1968-2012

  • HMA0017
  • Collection
  • 1968-2012 (predominant: 1972-2012)

The Tim Chapman collection consists of photographs and related materials shot or collected by photojournalist Tim Chapman during the second half of the twentieth century. While most materials pertain to people, places, and events in the Miami area, Latin American and world events are also represented.

The collection includes his professional work as a photojournalist as well as his photography for personal interest. Photographic media include 35mm negatives and slides (mainly black-and-white), photographic prints, and born-digital, color images. Supporting material includes newspaper and magazine articles containing illustrations by Chapman.

Photography pertaining to people, places, and events in the Miami area includes crime scenes; politics; the Mariel boatlift; the upheaval of the 1980s, including the Cocaine Cowboys; and Hurricane Andrew. The shots also include images of ordinary and famous people.

During 2013, Chapman filled a series of notebooks with handwritten notes identifying the most significant images. Entries are chronological, to coincide with the arrangement of the collection.

Chapman, Tim

Seth Bramson photograph collection - 1960-1971

  • HMA0018
  • Collection
  • 1960-1971

Images of Miami-Dade County buildings and street scenes, people and events. Negatives form the bulk of the collection. One box holds photographic prints and slides.

Bramson, Seth

William Webb Construction Company Collection - 1955-1980

  • HMA0019
  • Collection
  • 1955-1980 (predominant: 1950s-1970s)

The collection contains mostly photographs of commercial developments in Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando. A few represent other South Florida developments. Includes aerial views, interiors and exteriors of buildings during various stages of construction, renderings, and employees and personal photographs. Also includes promotional brochures, correspondence supporting the National Industrial Beautification Program, The Miss Universe Coronation Ball Program from 1965, and an Interama publicity brochure.

Masud Quraishy Slide Collection - circa 1980-circa 1995

  • HMA0020
  • Collection
  • circa 1980-circa 1995

35mm color slides, shot by Masud and Najib Quraishy, of late-twentieth century Miami-Dade County landscapes. About half of the views show damage in South Dade from Hurricane Andrew. Chiefly documentation of the devastation of Hurricane Andrew to residential, commercial and recreation properties in 1992 comprises the bulk of the collection. The rest consists of images of Miami’s waterfront, scenic shots from around the county, freeze damage to farms, Stiltsville, area attractions, the nuclear reactor at Turkey Point and the 100th birthday party in honor of Marjory Stoneman Douglas in 1995. A few large format transparencies and photographs are included.

Quraishy, Masud

Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority photograph collection - 1926-1984

  • HMA0021
  • Collection
  • 1926-1984

Photographs commissioned by the Miami Beach Visitor & Convention Authority (MBVCA) to promote Miami Beach as a tourist destination. Views include Miami Beach and Dade County, scenic landscapes, people enjoying the region, etc. While the collection mainly consists of black-and-white negatives, photographic prints and color slides are also represented.

Photographers include Richard Hoit, Chris Hansen, George Hamilton and others.

Hamilton, George

Ramiro A. Fernandez Collection - 1920-2010

  • HMA0023
  • Collection
  • 1920-2010 (predominant: 1930s-1950s)

Primarily photographs of rural and urban scenes of Cuba from the 1920s through the 1970s include: parades and processions, people posing with automobiles, adults and children engaged in work and leisure activites, street scenes, public building and landmarks. Also contains a halftone print of the railway from Regla to Matanzas, a fan from Baptist Health South Florida with an image of El caballero de París.

2011 calendar, titled "Doce Poemas de Miguel Barnet" and illustrated by 15 Cuban artists, celebrates the 70th birthday of poet Miguel Barnet.

Howard Kleinberg Research Collection - 1850-2000

  • HMA0024
  • Collection
  • 1850-2000 (predominant: circa 1890-1930)

Chiefly copies of documents and newspaper articles. Also include maps, photographs and ephemera. Topical and biographical files of note include; Bernando Benes, Jose Aleman, Howard Hughes, the Miami News Freedom Tower, Miami Senior High School, the Yarmouth Castle ship disaster, and the voyage of the St. Louis.

Kleinberg, Howard

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